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  • Hardware/Software Requirements
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  • Login Information (username/password retrieval)
  • Problems Logging In...
  • Changing "cookie" Settings...
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  • Problems Signing Up...
  • Need a Registration Code?...
  • Can't view/print CME...
  • Completed Tests Under 2 Course IDs...
  • Completed Unit But Didn't Receive Credit...
  • Incorrect Profile Information...

    Med-IQ Support
    If you are having technical problems accessing the course or you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact Med-IQ Support.

    Hardware/Software Requirements
    The Med-IQ courses are optimized for supported versions of Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android running on desktop or tablet hardware. The most recent two major versions of IE, Safari, Chrome, and FireFox browsers are supported. Cookies, javascript, and flash (except on iOS) must be enabled. Networks must not block video content. Note: AOL is not a supported browser.

    Course Instructions
    Web Instructions

    1. Following login, Click on the "My Courses" link at the top or bottom of the page.

    2. From your Course Report, click "Launch" next to the name of the unit to launch the course.

    3. You will then be presented with a main page for that unit.

    4. Complete the modules in the order presented.

    5. After you have read through the cases, take the Post Test. You must complete the test in one sitting. This normally takes approx. 25 minutes.

    6. After the test review the Targeted Feedback, which explains the principles behind each question.

    7. Remember to complete the post-course survey before you exit the course.

    8. When you have successfully completed all of the required units, your final report will be automatically sent to your course administrator.

    Login Information (username/password retrieval)
    If you have forgotten your password, please call us at 888-315-4356, ext. 1 or click here to have it emailed to your email address on record. If this does not solve your problem, please contact Med-IQ Support. Please do not create a new account if you have already created one, doing so will prompt you to re-start the course.

    Problems Logging In...
    If you are re-entering the course, make sure to enter your login information on the login screen. Usually, login problems occur because of a mismatched username or password. Both of these fields are case sensitive.

    Changing Privacy Settings...
    If you are trying to enter the course, but are getting an error message that says, "You are not logged in, or your session expired due to inactivity. Please log in." it is likely that you need to change your computer's settings. In order for us to deliver the right coursework to you, your computer must accept "cookies." To change this, please open a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) window:

    If you are using Internet Explorer:
    1. Click on the "Tools" menu at the top, and select "Internet Options..."
    2. This will open a window with a number of tabs. Click on the tab that says, "Privacy"
    3. Set the privacy level to "Low" (my guess is it is on Medium or High)

    If you are using Netscape Navigator:
    1. Click on the "Edit" menu at the top, and select "Preferences"
    2. You will see a number of categories on the left side of a window that opens. Double click on "Privacy & Security"
    3. Now click on "Cookies" below "Privacy & Security"
    4. Click on the option to "Enable all Cookies"

    Problems Signing Up...
    If you are having trouble signing up, verify with your course administrator that you are using the proper sign up URL (this differs for each group). If you continue to experience problems please contact Med-IQ Support.

    Need a Registration Code?...
    Please make sure that the address you are using to access the course, matches the address you were provided with, often times the problem is caused by the addition of a "www" to the address. The course website address DOES NOT contain a "www".

    Can't view/print CME...
    View the CME section of the course guide to see if your group participates in the CME program and if so for which units.

    Completed Tests Under 2 Usernames...
    If you are having trouble logging in, please do not create a new Account, instead, please contact Med-IQ Support. If you do happen to complete tests under 2 different usernames, please contact Med-IQ Support to merge your scores. You should not have to retake any tests.

    Completed Unit But Didn't Receive Credit...
    You will receive credit as soon as you complete the post test for any given unit. At that point, you are given a score which is recorded and made available to your course administrators. Remember to finish your post test in the allotted time frame as indicated on your test.

    Incorrect Profile Information...
    If you made an error in completing your profile information, please contact Med-IQ Support as outlined above so we can correct your Account.